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    I'd have to go with GP Paps X as well, I still giggle every time I use it
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    Quote Originally Posted by deedupdex View Post
    Damn bro you must be one buff ass dude to bend your locking rings lol. Never had any trouble with both of my nemmy locking rings before but maybe that is because I give each of my mods a deep thread polish from head to toe once I get them.
    not buff, just the thinnest metal of any device I've ever seen or used . . . thus, it bends easier than any device I'd be aware of. thin, wide, & any the more pressure you use to turn it, the more it will indirectly remain stuck.

    I take the same level of care with my devices, still have an eGo-Twist from when they 1st came out, & not a single scratch or knick. never stand my devices upright to prevent hairline scratches, lay sideways atop soft items, microfiber or polishing cloths only, etc.

    however, taking care of a MOD has nothing to do with the thinness of a Nemmy's locking ring.

    Quote Originally Posted by vaporhub View Post
    Not when you have a recessed button, it will always be protected. Better to have that than it seize up and you not be able to lock it it from firing.
    as I already stated, a locking ring will ALWAYS give peace of mind over no locking ring. it's that simple & no need to complicate things. I can count the posts if you'd like, but just as I suggested . . . Paps X has gotten more replies than anything else & yes, it has a locking ring.

    whether necessary or not, it's always beneficial to have 'security' or confidence in knowing you're taking preventative measures towards safety. this is the pure function of a locking ring, safety. no company would make them if it wasn't felt to be beneficial to the success of a device. does that mean it's necessary?, no, just safer & smarter option for the consumer to spend their money on as it's still easy to fire whether recessed or even inverted deep into the metal itself. please be safe out there folks.

    recessed buttons that still have a locking switch:

    * Atomo V2, GP Paps 2.5, GP Paps Lux, Da Copper MOD, EVOD, Nzonic, Poldiac, Vanilla MOD = 8 off the top of my head.
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    I would have to say the titan and cronus

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