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    origen dripper ftfw!

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    I haven't gotten an Origen yet but I'm really diggin' the Patriot with stock holes on a Poldi or a Nemmie. It's almost too much of a good thing at 0.3 ohms

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    Faovirte dripper :

    Igo-L by UD

    Small, effective, and packs a punch... less is more ?

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    Just got my Origen and I think I'll have to sell off all my other rdas now. It's that good.

    Tap'd via G-Note2...
    Life's good, vape on.

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    Origen for me
    Someone once told me vaping will save me money in the long run. Awwww bullshit!

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    Can't wait for that Cerberus dripper by uvo though. Looks badass.

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    I have nimbus, trident, atomic and helios. But atomic for me . Perfect flavor and air holes imo. Easy building on my helios though. Thinking about doing a cyclops hole on it for better AF.

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    Dude it looks so beast but I don't think it is going to fit flush on anything other than a 26650.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mach330 View Post
    Just got my Origen and I think I'll have to sell off all my other rdas now. It's that good.

    Tap'd via G-Note2...
    First thing I did after vaping my Origen for the first time (one puff) was click the "add to cart" button again LOL!
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    I've been loving my Omega RDA since I got it last week, once you learn to build it right with the coils above the air holes, it produces amazing flavor and large clouds. The adjustable airflow is a super sweet function on the Omega.

    I also just got the IGO-W4, and for a $20 atty, it is pretty awesome.

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