AIOS Clone Build Help??
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    Question AIOS Clone Build Help??

    Alright so I just got my AIOS clone in the mail and I've tried building on it SO much already... Getting it to work in dripper mode is obviously super easy. But every single time I've tried it in tank mode, the juice never feeds down the wick and it's just constant dry hits. I've tried a single strand of 2mm silica wick, double fold of silica, and triple fold of silica and none of them sucked the juice from the tank. Then I tried using SS mesh wick. I tried different thickness of the wick and everything. More constant dry hits... I have absolutely no idea why the juice won't feed down from the tank onto the wick at all.

    Does anyone have any tips or pointers about building the AIOS in tank mode? If you wanna see pictures of my build then I'll gladly take some if it'll help.

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    Try this video on YouTube.

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