Coughing while vaping
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    Coughing while vaping

    I have been vaping for a while now and recently I have started to Cough allot while I'm vaping. Even when I'm at work and not vaping I'm still coughing. My set up us a launcher and a nimbus. Wht the hell is going on?

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    Are you vaping over 6mg? Or sharing your vape with other peeps and not cleaning the tip when it comes back to you? Or simply you might be coming down with the flu.

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    I cough sometimes when I vape, but thats cuz im vaping too high a nicotine level. Or because it goes down the wrong pipe. like water.... idk

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    I vape a 6. Occasionally I let 1 or 2 people use my vape. But I wipe the tip.. What is the concern w that?

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    I have had a history of asthma but I grew out of it when I was younger.. Could it be asthma? Lol

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    I feel you must lower down the nicotine level by adding some flavored fluid without nicotine.

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