Ithaka premade wires?
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    Ithaka premade wires?

    anyone know where i can buy any? thnx

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    vape rev has a fuse box i seen them build an ithaka give them a call dont have the number but you can find them on yelp there located in cerritos

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    i live like 2 blocks from them, they havent had an in a while lol

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    If you think you will need a shit ton NR + R wires I would invest in this thing called a wire zapper which arc welds NR + R wires together using an electrical charge! They run anywhere between $35-$100. You can actually build a zapper out of a disposable kodak camera. It's on

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    Stormy's Vapor Cellar and Discount Vapers both sell premade wires in packs of 50 intended to be used with the Ithaka clone they sell. I ordered an Ithaka from COV and a pack of the coils from DV on Monday, so I haven't had a chance to use them yet, but i figured at $8 it would be worth a shot.

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    you can do this for free by using pliers and your hands to twist the wires together tightly. I say this because the zappers I have had experience with don't tend to work well and usually take more time with less success than the twisting method. Both methods yield the same exact results as well, IMHO the zappers are kind of a waste of time to have around.

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    No way a waste of time...what about ribbon wire...its a must..also for using twisted kanthal...nice clean welds..if your just using std kanthal then bypass and twist yourself...but if your like me strictly using ribbon or twistted wires it was a time saver 4sho!

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    Most of the failure from wire zappers(wire welders) happen because you need the proper amount of voltage for the gauge of wire used to weld the wires together. That particular wire Zapper discussed on breakthru is made up from a circuit board found in disposable cameras, you need an extra capacitor added to the capacitor already located on that circuit board to get the voltage required to weld. The circuit, as is, delivers 137V which is to much, I believe the author of that thread is using 74V to weld with. Others have tried playing with the charge time to get the lower voltage. In different threads I have read that 42V should be enough.

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    does anyone have a zapper for sale. PM me if you do.

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    so people are suggesting that the premade wire's that come with the ithaka aren't good?

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