Trident Atty Review?
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    Trident Atty Review?

    Any of you guys have some review of the Trident? there is a lot of rumors that vape experts hate this Trident Atty by Grand Vapor. Please advice tnx.

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    There are several reviews on youtube here is mcvapes:

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    There are 2 major things about it that I utterly hate. The o rings are so fat that even with juice on it, still a pain to put on and take off. You really have to wear them down, switch them out or take at least one of them off (even then it still doesn't help much). Second is the lack of room for ventilation. But I do like the built in airflow and copper connection.

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    I have a trident and the o rings are my biggest problems!!

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    Other than the o rings this RDA is a beast

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    I love my trident. It's a little small to work with though and the cap is a little short so when it fires. Some of the juice splashes on my lips but its not a big deal to me. What I do like is the adjustable air holes and the slits on each terminal to help hold the wires.

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    My biggest peeve when i had it was little room for wick. The adjustable airflow would move the coils and mess with the ohms. Looks nice on the private v2 but id perfer the nimbus or igo w as a dripper over it. Just my opinon.

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