For Sale: 2013 brass chi you # 719
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    2013 brass chi you # 719

    Brand new brass chi you. Condition is 9.5/10 even though it's never seen a battery or had an atty attached. It has a very small ding on the top cap that could easily be removed if one preferred to do so. Other than the mentioned minor blemish the mod is in pristine shape and over all flawless.[IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG][IMG][/IMG] I'm asking 425$ shipped, you pay the fees, or we can arrange for local pickup. Pm me here, or on the thread. If I don't respond right away feel free to find me on fb. My full name is Joel Birkenbach and I am on the good guys list on mod trader, apv, vape auctions, etc.. I can have tons of people vouch for me if necessary. Anyway, thanks for looking!

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    Is that price firm?

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    brand new tai fun gt plus 150$ ?

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    400$ is bottom dollar and unfortunately I'm not looking for any trades guys, sorry! I have other value heat that needs some dollars thrown at so the brass chi has got to go, even before I used her! It's ok though I have an ss that suits nicely with my foggatti and she's not going anywhere gentleman. Hit me up if you're interested today. I'm willing to do the 400$ drop but I will be leaving to the river and will not be back till Sunday. I'm bringing the chi with me Judy in case someone does want to grab it up and have it shipped tomorrow though if I don't happen to sell it today. 400$ is FIRM! Thanks everyone

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    Fucking value heat!!!!!????? WTF!!!!!!! Swype is a killer man. I meant vape gear!!!! Shit people. Don't get lazy and stop spell checking when you use Swype inn your phone, you end up looking like a jackass like myself! Hahaha

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    Ship to Malaysia? Paypal?

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    Only if this was 714, i would be all over it

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    Pm sent

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    Happy to sell to Malaysia for the price invoice, but I will only ship via USPS EMS. It is the only method that I have successfully shipped with in that distance. The price is 45$USD. If you are okay with the terms feel free to pm me for the details.
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    pm replied

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