For Sale: v3 Flip by v3tronix
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    / Trade v3 Flip by v3tronix

    Great mod, very hefty and amazing design.

    Not engraved, so that's still an option.

    I'm looking to sell for $210 USPS priority shipping on me, fees on you unless sent as a gift.

    Would also be interested in 20x1 parts or BCV Surfrider/XXIX tubes.

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    Whats the serial # on this one? Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by georgiaboy027 View Post
    Whats the serial # on this one? Thanks

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    bump for a cool mod at a good price

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    deepest engravings on anything VapeLand's ever seen.
    2.5Lux+. Carvalho. Paps X. XXIX. DNA30. Caesura.

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