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    Quote Originally Posted by Cicada View Post
    i absolutely LOVE both of those. Dripping Pnky Bruiser on my eBaron or HH357 is AMAZING.
    Yeah it was super bomb in my HH but I've been doing more dripping with my Cisco 901 atty. I need to pick up some more punky soon.
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    Coil Popper redgypsy's Avatar
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    Stanton, CA
    Current rotation:
    The Plume Room - Chai Tea Latte & Vanilla Caramel Frappucino
    D&D Vapor - Chocolate dipped Strawberry & Apple Fritter
    Mt Baker Vapor - Cinnamon Roll mixed with Vanilla Butternut
    Velvet Cloud Vapor - Mewlew's Magic
    Parkes Vaping - White Leaf

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    Dekang - Desert Ship

    I've been vaping it for months because I budget vape and trying new juices is expensive, shipping-wise. It gets the job done though. Most tobacco-like juice I've found that isn't just a overly sweet, rich cigar type of flavor.

    Mild, with no aftertaste. Probably the closest thing to cigs on the planet.

    I did try Strawberry Daquiri and Root Beer flavors from madvapes when I first started vaping. Root Beer tasted just like the hard candy, but was incredibly easy to get sick of. The Strawberry flavor had no throat hit, but was very tasty. Like chewing a piece of really good gum.

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    My current rotation is PINK STARBURST from eliqcube and my new favorite APPLE JACKS from Epic

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    Just experienced Cran Chi by Halcyon. All day.
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    Juicy Vapor Tribute is out of this world it's my number one go to juice

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    my rotation right now consists of:
    *Ube ("oo-bay" from
    *I do this mix of 3 parts Pink Spot's Chunky Monkey mixed with 1 part Vapure's Peanut Butter Cup (yes this is friggin awesome. try it!)
    *strawberry champagne from vapure

    i ordered OR3O from Vaperev and Irish Mintz from Madvapes earlier this evening...looking forward to those.

    (all 0mg)
    yeah buddy.

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    ive been into epics juice wake n vape and apple jax lately
    just got some vaping monkey chimpan-tea which is pretty good to

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    eliqcube pink starburst
    lucid love potion
    junkie juice cookie monster

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    Eliqcube pink starburst and toxic fruits so far for me. Gotta try applejax next..heard good stuff about it

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