Review: eLiqCube's "Pink Starburst"
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    eLiqCube's "Pink Starburst"

    I received some samples from @kelena3 of eliqcube's newest flavors to review -- (from L to R: Banana Melon, Pink Starburst, Exotic Cocnut). I was really excited to try some new stuff, and Pink Starburst is everyone's favorite flavor of Starburst, isn't it?

    (forgive the junky photos, i'm sitting here at work writing this )

    The Setup:

    Provari Mini v2 w/ Twins running a fresh AW IMR (reading 4.0v) at 4.6v. eBaron dripper @ 2.5 ohms, giving me ~8.4-8.5W. Captivape DS60 Drip Stick.

    The juice has a "born" date of 02/13/2013, and I did not let it steep. I'm sampling this straight out of the package. The juice smells just like a pink starburst!

    Eliqcube bottles are a little harder plastic than some other soft plastic bottles (like villain vapors, ben johnson's, etc, which are really easy to squeeze and might actually result in you streaming it out if you aren't careful if you're dripping), but it's squeezable so it's fine for dripping. The bottles are much like XTC's (Vapor Labs' house brand). They come with a child-proof cap.

    I received a 0mg sample, and while I normally vape at 6 or 12, I expect the flavor to come through better on a 0mg. On the inhale, "Pink Starburst" gives me a very, very light creamy strawberry flavor, not exactly what I was expecting from this flavor at first, but on the exhale and after you've let that residual vapor just rest in your mouth for a bit, you do get the juicy strawberry starburst taste as if you just popped a pink starburst in your mouth! Surprising for me, since I don't normally get anything on the exhale of most juices. Even after an exhale and you just sit there for a while, you still get a bit of the taste on your tongue. The resulting vapor itself smells just like a starburst. Vapor production is pretty good on this juice.

    Overall, it's got a good flavor and I would definitely try it if it's something that makes you curious, or if you love candy

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    It's been my all day vape since I found it a few days ago @ Vape Supreme (Fullerton, CA).

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    No matter what flavor I try.. I always go back to Pink Starburst

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    Pink starbust is definitely one of my faves.

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    A close second to Oober Goober from the eLiq line, in my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oolong View Post
    A close second to Oober Goober from the eLiq line, in my opinion.
    Second this.

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    Where can I buy this?

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    DIYFlavorshack Pink Starburst is very good as well.

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    was hooked on this for awhile. Pink Spot rasberry lemonade and pink starburst mix is boooomb. get the right ratio and it taste like fruity pebbles

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    Nice review! and Pink Starburst is one of my favorites as well

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