Mechanical mod noob here
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    Mechanical mod noob here

    So I'm starting into get into the world of mechanical mods and re-buildable atomizers. I just bought my first setup. I got the smoktek natural and the octopus RDA. I really like how you can make a build that produces so much vape. The visual is what got me hooked. My question is does it matter what kind of battery is in the mech? Right now I'm using the standard battery that comes in an evic. I got it to work but not getting the dragon type smoke I'm seeing others get. But then again, I haven't had a successful build yet that was under 1.0ohm. So does the actual battery make a difference? Any suggestions on which batteries I should buy? Any recommendations on a build that fairly uncomplicated? Thanks in advance for any input.

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    did u drill a hole yet in your octopus rba? The one comes in stock is shitty and w/o proper airflow u more likely not gonna get the amount of vapor ure lookin for ...

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    Yes. I drilled two on the upper part. One on top of the original air hole, and one on the opposite side.

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    What kind of wire are you using and how many wraps? That usually makes the biggest difference. If you can start working on building maybe a single coil 2-3 wrap with 28 gauge, you'll see a difference. Since you're new, work on single coil first, then duel coil later

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    Right now I have 28 gauge kanthal and 3mm silica wick. When u say 3 wrap you mean just wrap it around the coil 3 times?

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    When I say 3 wrap, I mean use the wire and wrap it around the silica wick 3 times. When you do it right, you should be able to see 3 lines of wire either side you look at it. That's the best way I can think of explaining haha.

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    Yeah its a little tough to learn these things at first, but practice makes perfect and once you have reached your goal oh low ohms and massive clouds i say you ditch the battery that comes with the evic. Im assuming its either a purple or pink joytech battery right? Ive heard weird things about those batteries just pick up a couple of AW IMR's by a couple i mean 2-4 lol with low ohms your putting a lot of draw on your battery and they drain quick. I have my pipe bomb with a dual coil ohm out at .3 and my battery dies in an hour lol

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    Thanks for the input guys. I'll practice some builds tonight. I came across efest imr's. will those do just as good as the aw's?

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    AW are a bit harder to find. Efest is still a good battery. Just AW is considered better because they don't gradually lose power, like the Efest. The AW acts as if it's fully charge (keeps a strong consistent power flow) until it's out of juice then it drops haha.

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    Oh I see I see. Any suggestions on where I can obtain some AW's?

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