Smok "The Natural" mod!
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    Smok "The Natural" mod!

    Don't know what im looking for or if i'm really gonna trade it, Just testing the waters,

    Used it once, and I did sand down the 510 Connection so my RBA's sit flush!

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    BUMP, still looking to get rid of it, pm me if you have anything you would wanna trade, i'm in too rba's and mechanical mods.

    I might even add some RBA dripping atty's with this, HIT ME UP!

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    I might be interested got any pictures? I hadn't been considering a trade but I am looking to get rid of a precise Plus possibly a Zen mini, maybe an ihybrid spider etc... Always looking for a good mechanical mod for the genny's

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    I have an Evolv Kick that i dont need.. maybe we can work a deal around that?

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    Looking to trade it for a giftcert to hoosiervapes, Trying to get my cousin off of smokes!

    For sale, looking for a $50 dollar gift cert to

    Smok Natural (Flatop) (Sanded down 510) Igo-l ATTY - Fatboy Driptip
    Works good, Sits pretty flush, Needs a bit more sanding!

    Pm me..
    I will take pictures and include tracking number!

    I have this up on multiple pages, and diffrent forums so first come , first serve!

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    sold mods please remove

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