26650 Bottom Fire Mods. Where are they?!
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    Lightbulb 26650 Bottom Fire Mods. Where are they?!

    Hi guys, I have been doing some research around here as well as ECF but I can't seem to find anyone that knows where they would sell a 26650 bottom fire mod. Maybe it just doesn't exist yet. Point is, I've seen reputable manufacturers making some beast 26650 batteries. I'm a die hard dripper and being able to buy a 4000mAh battery with a 50A drain rate would be my dream. Of course I won't generally use more than 30A, I'm more interested in the batteries nominal compacity. So far all I have found is side fire and wired mods with a master switch. Any help would be great.

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    Bay City Vapor, the creators of the XXIX and Surfrider, announced that their next design will be a 26650 mod, so hopefully it will be the same exact design as their mods. If so, you'll be in heaven

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    Nhaler has a Curve 26650.

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    Footoon is coming out with the Hades and Cerberus.

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    also the HAM or Beast hybrids for bottom triggers.
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    Hades and cerberus... that's friggin sick.

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